Scorpion Clan Coup 1123
Yojimbo: Bodyguards which usually protect non-bushi members of the samurai caste (courtiers, shugenja, generals, daimyo)

Shugenja: Priests and scribes who are envoys of the fortunes and kami who can create powerful spells drawing from one of the 5 elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Void.

Kami: The ten divine children of Lord Moon Onnotangu and Lady Sun Amaterasu. One died and while 8 fell to the earth the ninth fell into Jigoku.

Jigoku: also known as the Realm of Evil, was one of the Spirit Realms. It was a realm of pure and darkest evil and the source of the oni and the Shadowlands.
Shadowlands:The Shadowlands was the wasteland that laid to the southwest of Rokugan, a twisted, nightmarish place corrupted by the power of Jigoku, the Realm of Evil. As the Kami created the Empire of Rokugan, the fallen Kami Fu Leng created the Shadowlands.
Oni: Oni were the demonic monstrosities that made up the most powerful forces of the Shadowlands. Oni only gained a physical presence in the realm of mortals if … well that’s not for good souls to know.
Mori: Forests.
Mori Kage (Mori Kage Toshi): Also known as Forest Shadow City was a Phoenix Clan city which was cursed because a bride took her life due to her unloving husband…

Soshi Yukio: member of the Scorpion Clan, and an agent of the Kolat. Died:Month of the Ox of 1122

Ryoko Owari: Journey’s End City, City of Lies, City of Stories, City of Green Walls, City That Dung Built. In the Crab Clan only it was called Reeking Scorpion Cesspool. It was possibly the second largest city in Rokugan after the capital. Control of the city changed hands several times over the years, but Ryoko Owari always retained its reputation for being a hotbed of criminal activity, having many gambling dens, geisha houses and opium parlors. The city maintained a mask of legitimacy as Rokugan’s center for medicinal opium trade. 1 Poppies were grown in vast fields that surround the city, and it’s involvement in the opium trade (both legal and illegal) made the city very profitable for its rulers.
Nanashi Mura
Kolat: The Kolat were a secret society originally dedicated to the downfall of the Hantei family. The founders believed that mankind should rule itself, and a god declaring himself ruler over them was unacceptable. For over a thousand years, the Kolat plotted the downfall of the Hantei line.
Usagi Ozaki
Usagi Tomoe
Meido:the Realm of Waiting where the spirits of the recently deceased waited for their final judgment and assignment to their appropriate afterlife. It is guarded by the Tenth Kami, the deceased Ryoshun.
Emma-O:Fortune of death
Nemuranai: man made items of exceptional quality that had had their kami awakened, either through the skill used in creating them or through their association with great deeds. If they’re tainted they’re called Sokonau.
Sokonau: Tainted nemuranai.


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