This my reader is but a humble rendition of what has been able to be uncovered by your servant of the history of the world as we know it.

Time began, when the valiant Kami did fall from the sky. They brought the greatest gift of all: civilization to all humanity and only those unfit for such a noble life would not be suffered. These pervasive ideas did breed however and after the death of the last Kami those who would blight their gift.
There was the abomination Iuchiban who did try to raise the treacherous Lu Feng, this was not the only plight of the world, for there were also those who did bring strife between the glorious Crane and the mighty Crab Clans, none other than the ingrates who would desire to insult the greatest of all our ancestors by going against the natural order of things. It was the most wise and attentive Yasuki family that discovered these bringers of ill, which called themselves the Kolat. The Yasuki’s vigil did ensure the restoration of order and ultimately the defeat of the nefarious Iuchiban.

The defeat of the evil sorcerer was thanks to some most unlikely events, the return of the KiRin and a peculiar candidate, a ronin. This ronin was properly rewarded with nothing less than a family name “Usagi”, the month in which Iuchiban was defeated.

Lurking in the dark, some of Iuchiban’s evil creatures did survive and a century later one of his generals returned. Again did the righteous descendants of the Kami free the land of evil. And to ensure Rokugan’s freedom from such heinous creature a shrine was built in the lonely mountains. As long as the bells are rung regularly the spirits of the shugenja that saved Rokugan that day will continue to prevent it from returning.

After this the forces of Lu Feng have been mostly contained by the Crab, confined to beyond the wall, allowing the other clans to focus on the material world. This time there was a great contention between the Lion and the Crane which the conniving Scorpion used as cover to try and dethrone the righteous Hantei XXXVIII. The descendants of Hantei’s brethren would not allow such an abomination to happen and thus banded together and saved the sanctity of humanity, righting the world again.

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